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Esstiq Beauty lashes are one of the best lashes on the market.  Exquisite touch, Covered by Grace, Elegance, Classy yet Sexy and Sophisticated. If you want to turn the notch up, our dramatic looks for a Saturday night on the town will keep all eyes on you.

Our Mink Lashes are most similar to human eyelashes. Very soft and comfortable, you will not remember that you are wearing fake lashes. The extra long, thick, dramatic curl design makes your eyes beautiful and luxurious. 

Extra Long 
25MM and 3D 
Heavy density 
Reusable up to 25 times 
Wispies Lashes 
Extremely light 
Very comfortable on the eye lids 

Esstiq lashes are Purposely name to provide inspiration to your day and add to your already amazing personality. Each individual lash name is a reminder of a powerful word that can resonate with your characteristic.